About us

About US

Pathikrit was formed in the year 2017 with a aim to protect the rights of every children and creating an eco-system where all class of people enjoy equal rights and entitlements.

Our vision is to build a society where all people enjoy equal rights and live life with dignity and self-respect

Our mission is to build a movement to ensure equality education so that children from oarginalized communities get equal opportunities to explore their true potential

Our society is unaware of the child rights and educational provision that is essential for them. Therefore, Pathikrit initiated programmes with children in the Demow Development Block under the Sivasagar District. Now our organization is trying to grow necessary awareness and facilitate various information on child rights to education, nutritional facts and significance of Mid-Day Meal etc. through various activities. On the other hand, Pathikrit is trying to nurture all-round development among children for which it is organizing drama workshop and many other cultural activities to create a sound cultural environment. Pathikrit is organizing various activities to bring the drop out students especially in the tea garden areas of Sivasagar District back to the mainstream.